Suit up or die Mr James

The Mole is a thriller documentary featuring two ordinary men involved in a undercover game to expose North Korea as illegal international weapon supplier. Mads Brügger, award winning director, has worked a decade on this project.


Herrernes Magasin’s owner David K, Mads and his actors needed the two moles disguised as billionaires. The stage has been set in more than 10 countries, Uganda, Moscow - everywhere...

The images in my head of these to men without back up, on their own against a dictatorship was occasionally stressful and a little terrifying.

The suits, the accessories the pressure is on these two men, in degrees I wasn’t use to” – David K explains. 

Photo: Søren Bidstrup  

Jim Trache-Qvortrup plays one of the agents. Over a 5 year period Jim had to build an eccentric, old school money, risc-junky identity. There’s no room for doubt in the look he presented his criminal partners and fellow arms dealers. Modern it-billionaire in hoodies and jeans- doesn’t cut it. Jim had to represent a lifestyle where the game was on, money didn’t really matter. A mixture “don’t fuck with me” attitude wrapped in so much class and spirit that surroundings wanted to be like him.

We had fun dressing Jim up, but underneath, the styling, the cool style, fun and failure was very tight connected. 

Herrernes Magasin has after two decades won a image of having ready to wear eccentricity on its hangers. David K travels far to find different solutions to guys like Jim ordinary men with a special task. 

“Novo Nordisk blue suits, white shirt warriors is the usual suspects i David K’s suittemple: 

styling Jim in a battle against a dictatorship is not a average task for any stylist. Suit up or die trying.. why not.. I guess our guests take their wardrobe pretty serious” – I am glad they pulled it off, and that Mads let us be part of the game.