Wintersuits are here… again

Damn, I was expecting spring and birds singing from Sycamoretrees🙄⛷️⛷️

Instead of posting new accessories we decided to give you guys a sneakview into  fallmaterials. We sent David K, with our samples to take some some pictures in The oldschool & very lovely Bardøla mountainhotel in Geilo Norway. This grey flannelsuit falls in the category pinstriped

Snowboard effect.. Light and even offwhite suits are snowballing into the dark winter sessions. David is wearing a Lords & Fools suit 3 piece in wool and silver stripes. 

Lords made these broadwaystriped aka ‘The godfather’ wide striped suits in 3 colors : white- black & grey. They stand out in the north .

Check out the suits in these links. We sell them only in 3 piece, but they are split up on the website/(   still - We know you will always come and try it on inside our copy suittemple in Nørregade Copenhagen, right 😬🙏🏻