The Gentlemen’s Quarters by David K

The Gentlemen’s Quarters is characterized first and foremost by the ambiance of the store. As soon as you enter the store, you know that this is not your usual 'suit pusher'. 

We live at Nørregade 20, which before us, housed one of the most famous publishing companies in the history of Denmark; ‘Reitzels forlag & boghandel’. Back in the days, Reitzel had, among others, Kierkegaard and Hans Christian Andersen as their clients, both world famous authors. If you visit the shop, you will still see details that reminds the viewer of the time, before the internet and e-books, where it was through old dusty books that you acquired knowledge. 

Even though most of the old books are gone, the old school service still lives in Nørregade 20. We everyone who decides to come by our place as guests, and treat them accordingly. We offer our help, ideas and give you honest feed back, and maybe a history and a joke. 

We focus on high quality textiles, accompanied by the best service in town, for a very reasonable price. We have a broad selection of suits, in more than 40 different sizes, with prices starting at 3299 DKK. So if you’re looking for quality gentleman wear, and you want to look good in it, The Gentlemen’s quarters is the place to go. We of course also have tuxedos, morning suits, everything else in the “suit family”.

We have a broad selection of blazers, shirts, sweaters, coats and shoes. Not to mention Denmark’s biggest selection of bow ties, and large selections of neck ties, cufflinks, suspenders, socks, belts and handkerchiefs.

So whether you’re looking for something to wear for your wedding, your job, or maybe a festive occasion, we can help you. Basically we specialize in making men look good, and we take our time it doing so. You can expect personal down to earth service, with a smile. 

But most of all we have fun. We enjoy helping our guests in their quest for looking their best, and we give concrete advice, because no-one looks good in everything. We want you to try out several suits, to find which one fits you the best, and since this is The Gentlemen’s quarters, we of course have different kinds of coffee/espresso and also beer on tap, so the suit selection process should be smooth and enjoyable :)

The rest of the site is in Danish, but don’t worry we have uploaded a lot of pictures, including a gallery with updates pictures, that we have taken ourself by ourself, you can find the link in the red menu to the left. 

You are always welcome to call or visit us, we of course speak English and our opening hours are weekdays 10-19 and Saturdays 10-17. Our phone number is +45 33 11 06 23 and our mail is info@davidk.dk